We’re at SUPERBOOTH with ten Bass Station IIs… yes — ten.

Superbooth 2024

Join us at this year’s SUPERBOOTH event in Berlin where we’ll be showing off ten Bass Stations IIs all connected and powered with Organic Intelligence. 


Ever seen ten Bass Station IIs hooked up together all in unison? That’s exactly the thought our Lead Designer Danny Nugent and Lead Mechanical Designer Ryan Gray, had recently. And now, for those heading to SUPERBOOTH, you can experience it too.

A filter for all ten Bass Station IIs? We’ve scaled up the Bass Station II Filter pot a full ten times and 3D printed it in-house by our team. The large filter pot is a key part of our products’ identity and this accentuated version will control the filter across all ten units.

The artwork for Mega Bass Station was completed by Weirdcore who we have previously worked with. It made sense to collaborate again to continue with the AFX Station circuit board aesthetic.


“Nothing Artificial here. No E-numbers, only CC numbers”

“OI! Give us a patch.” OI is an algorithmic patch generator. It uses weighted probabilities and logic to create new patches. The algorithm has been tuned by sound designers to give you quality patches every time.

It’s as easy as hitting the blue button to create a patch. And to let you in on a hot tip; if you set the patch to unison then hit ‘generate’ and hold a note, you can hear the voices change in stereo.


Come and experience the Mega Bass Station II at SUPERBOOTH between 16 th–18th May 2024. The event takes place at FEZ-Berlin and we'll be over at stand O287.

SUPERBOOTH is an annual trade fair for electronics and musical instruments in Berlin. Around 230 exhibitors with modular systems, synthesisers, keyboard instruments, kits, other equipment, and good ideas will showcase their products in their booths, workshops, and presentations.

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