Samplers and Grooveboxes

Tap into your creative impulses, spice up samples and enhance your electronic music production with Circuit Rhythm, Circuit Tracks, and Ampify Groovebox. Unlock your potential and make the perfect beat, every time.

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Grooveboxes and samplers

Novation grooveboxes blend synthesis, sequencing, and performance tools. Circuit Tracks offers versatile sound creation, intuitive pattern sequencing, and real-time control. Circuit Rhythm enables sample manipulation, dynamic performance, and seamless integration with software, empowering musicians to craft intricate electronic compositions.

What is a groovebox?

A groovebox is a compact electronic music production device that integrates synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers, and sometimes audio sampling. It enables musicians and producers to create, manipulate, and arrange various sounds and beats in real-time, facilitating live performances and studio production with a single unit.

What is the best groovebox?

The definition of the best groovebox will depend on your needs as a creator. We recommend checking out our Circuit page, where you can compare Circuit Tracks and Circuit Rhythm features.