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Put your samples in the spotlight

Circuit Rhythm

Perfect for making beats in the studio, or working on creative ideas wherever inspiration strikes, Circuit Rhythm takes the work out of beatmaking and pushes your music further.

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New and improved

Circuit Tracks

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, Circuit Tracks takes the best of Circuit’s lightning-fast, screen-less workflow, but has been upgraded with a more refined and compact design with new production features to enhance your music making in the process.

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Go where your music takes you

Circuit Tracks and Circuit Rhythm take you places, whether in the studio, on stage or off the grid. Rugged, compact build and a rechargeable battery makes Circuit the perfect travel partner, so it’s never too far away when inspiration hits.

Go further with Components

Unlock the full creative potential of Circuit Tracks and Circuit Rhythm with Novation Components. Complete with a visual overhaul and a streamlined experience, creating brand new patches and templates, loading samples and managing projects is easier than ever.
Feature Circuit Tracks Circuit Rhythm
Tracks Synth Tracks 2x 6-voice polyphonic 0
Sample Tracks 4x Drum Tracks 8x Flexible Sample Tracks
MIDI Tracks 2x 6-voice polyphonic with custom templates 0
Click Tracks
Audio Input Audio Inputs 2x mono Stereo L/R pair
Record Samples ✔ (mono-summed)
Send to Delay/Reverb/Side Chain
Send to Grid FX
Sample Capabilities Sample Playback One-shot only Slice, Chromatic, One-Shot, Gated, Looped, Reverse
Sample Controls Tune, Decay, Distortion, EQ Tune, Start, Length, Slope, Distortion, High-pass Filter, Low-pass Filter, Resonance
Sample Choke Group
FX Send FX Delay, Reverb, Side Chain Delay, Reverb, Side Chain
Master Compressor
Grid FX Vinyl Simulation, Beat Repeat, Phaser, Gater, Reverser, Auto-Filter, and Digitiser
Note Playback Scale Mode
Note Repeat
Storage Projects Per Pack 64 64
Sample Time Per Pack 196.6 seconds 220 seconds
Samples Per Pack 64 128
Synth Presets Per Pack 128
Expandable Storage microSD for thousands of samples, patches and projects microSD for thousands of samples, patches and projects
Patterns Pattern Length Up to 32 steps (256 when chained) Up to 32 steps (256 when chained)
Pattern Settings Sync Rate and Pattern Direction Sync Rate and Pattern Direction
Step Probability
Pattern Mutate
Scenes 16 per project 16 per project
View Lock
I/O and Hardware MIDI I/O & Sync Full Size MIDI In, Out and Thru; Sync Out Full Size MIDI In, Out and Thru; Sync Out
Battery Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
USB Connectivity USB-C USB-C
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