Step 2: Practice Rhythm

Unless you’re a trained musician, you might find it hard to play good-sounding rhythms on pads. That’s totally normal — all musicians need practice to keep their timing and rhythmic feel locked in. Drummers, for example, often use practice pads to play complex rudiments that flex their rhythmic abilities; pianists improve their finger dexterity by practicing scales up and down the keyboard.

If you want to be a pad drumming master, there's a fantastic tool to help develop your skills. Melodics is a free app that helps you perfect your fingering through a series of slick-looking tutorials and interactive feedback.

Melodics works with all Launchpads, but you don't need a controller to use Melodics — it works just fine with your computer keyboard. Melodics tracks your progress, helps you to work on your weak points, and gives you genuinely good beats to play along to.

Work Melodics into your rehearsal routines, try just ten minutes per day, then share your progress with your friends. Soon, you'll be on your way to pad-drumming perfection.

Get Ready To Become A Rhythm Master

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