Jess Godwin: A Backing Band at Your Fingertips

In past years, whilst cultivating her following and sound as a solo musician, singer-songwriter Jess Godwin needed to find a way to build a band behind her without the means of paying for live musicians. Enter the original Novation Launchpad. Jess quickly found that a Launchpad can not only be used as a instrument but as means to control Ableton Live to trigger loops, samples, and do creative live arrangements.

Now, using the new Launchpad Mini [MK3] and Launchkey Mini [MK3], Jess has taken her performances to the next level. She dedicates the Launchpad to triggering her pre-recorded loops as well as record her live vocal takes in Session Mode, and use the Stop, Mute, and Play function to create a lively mix. The Launchkey Mini is used to play soft instruments within Live.

Check out Jess Godwin’s performance using her mini controllers to produce a full track with vocal loops, multiple instruments, and live arrangements.

Want to understand how Jess put this performance together? Watch her walkthrough of how Novation and Ableton Live have improved her performance workflow.