Introducing Wavetable Editor for Peak & Summit

Supercharge your sound design capabilities.

The Wavetable Editor for Peak and Summit unleashes the power of the wavetable oscillators, allowing you to design your own waveforms and expand your creative potential. The Editor, which is part of the Novation Components browser-based platform, features drawing tools and a Live Edit mode, so you can draw your own oscillator shapes and preview them in real time. The audio import feature lets you load in your own audio to be used as the oscillator waveform.

Built into the Wavetable Editor is a curated selection of space-themed audio from the NASA sound library. Get inspired and expand your sound design possibilities by generating waveforms from recordings of human space exploration and otherworldly environments. Also included is exclusive wavetable content from production giants Noisia, who have created a preset pack to stir your creativity.

Check out a video of the Wavetable Editor for Peak & Summit here.

The Wavetable Editor is free to use — just connect your Peak or Summit to your computer via USB and head to Components in your browser. (Not all browsers are compatible — we recommend Google Chrome.)