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DLR gets back to pure creative expression with Circuit Tracks

Revered for his kaleidoscopic and masterful manipulation of sound, Bristol native DLR has built a body of work that celebrates drum & bass infused with far-reaching influences.

Involved in a plethora of projects, notably running the record label Sofa Sound Bristol, DLR’s passion for drum & bass is bolstered by musical releases from the evolving sounds of contemporary artists as well as distinguished legends.We visit him in Bristol, going from his studio to the bustling sounds of the streets, taking Circuit Tracks along with him every step of the way. For DLR, experimentation is essential to his creative process. “Originality comes from the sound design and the way you work with your sound,” he says, and Circuit Tracks provides an inspiring canvas for creation.

“Originality comes from the sound design and the way you work with your sounds.”

Circuit Tracks enables DLR to rekindle that love for discovery and helps him to reconnect his mind to his music, thanks to the screenless and intuitive workflow.

“You can feel your brow relaxing and you feel your mind opening back up, and I think it’s really important in music production that we do start to get back to that.”

DLR delivers gritty full basses and massive sounds with Circuit Tracks’ powerful synth engine and packs a mighty punch in his productions. Perfect for seasoned pros and curious creatives in any genre, Circuit Tracks’ compact size and instinctive functionality keep him immersed in his music.

“It’s really cool to just have a unit you can stash in your bag before you leave the house, and not really worry about it. It’s just an enjoyable item to use.”

In a small piece of kit, he finds just what he needs to start bringing explosive ideas to life.

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