Firmware update brings unquantised recording to SL MkIII sequencer

From wonky beats and quick-fire fills to authentic-sounding strums and beyond, unquantised recording takes SL MkIII’s sequencer to new musical places.

We’re excited to bring an important new feature to the SL MkIII range of MIDI keyboard controllers. New in firmware v1.3 is unquantised recording, which brings new flexibility and musicality to the built-in sequencer.

In the previous firmware version, we introduced micro-step editing, allowing users to position notes off the grid for subtle timing variations. With unquantised recording, users have the ability to record into these micro-steps. This means that the organic, human quality of performances and punched-in beats can be captured in all their wonky glory.

The ability to record off the grid in the SL MkIII sequencer has been one of the most requested features from users. Now, even the most rhythmically complex ideas can be captured without losing the vibe.

To download the v1.3 firmware update for the SL MkIII range of MIDI keyboard controllers, click here.