Circuit Rhythm Firmware 2.0

Firmware version 2.0 for Circuit Rhythm introduces more options for expressive performance and flexible sampling.

Beat Match

With Beat Match, you can pitch your samples up or down to get drum breaks perfectly in time with your session and make your beats flow seamlessly. Two new Beat Match pads in the Sample Mode Menu let you speed up or slow down the selected sample so that it fits seamlessly with your project.

Fixed Length Recording

You can now record samples so that they’ll be perfectly in time with your current project. A new toggle in the Sample Record View lets you choose between a fixed length sample recording of 8, 16, 32, or 64 steps.

Perform with Grid FX Parameters

Take full control of your performances and tweak your sound to perfection with on-board controls for Grid FX. Every Grid FX parameter is now available to control directly with Rhythm’s macro knobs. Performance Mode lets you go wild with temporary changes, while Edit Mode gives you the ability to make permanent changes to the Grid FX slots in your project.

Improved Arrangement: Save Mutes States to Scenes

Muted track states are now stored with Scenes, so you can more easily arrange your track without the need to have any empty patterns in your project.

Trigger recorded Samples Immediately in Sample Record View

Newly recorded samples may now be triggered immediately in Sample Record view, so you can quickly decide if you’re happy with your sample.