Animistic Beliefs x Circuit Mono Station

Animistic Beliefs recently invited us to their studio where we were lucky enough to be able to capture a performance of an exclusive track with them. ...

Hailing from Rotterdam, the duo live to play live and thrive on stage; often flourishing in dark or strobe lit basements. It is there that they breathe new life into electro by twisting, turning and contorting it into new forms that are utterly spellbinding and occult. Taking fluid melodies and shifting them into something different, experimenting with texture and going from meditative to manic, destructive to danceable in an instant.

The young pair reimagine UK sounds, IDM intricacies and Detroit feelings through their huge collection of vintage gear and DIY modular synths, one of which being our Circuit Mono Station.

Their performance setup included a Eurorack Modular System, Elektron Digitone, Roland TR808 and the Circuit Mono Station. Mono Station was used for the bassline and as the main clock for the other devices. See if you can figure out for yourself everything that’s going on – for us, the relative simplicity makes the outcome all the more satisfying.

You can check that out here: