Ampify Sounds: Teflon Zincfence

Embrace the authentic sounds of reggae in the latest instalment of the Pro-Series. Jamaican Grammy award-winning producer and DJ Teflon Zincfence brings the spirit of reggae music and his love for the culture behind it with the artfully curated ‘Reggae Roots’ soundpack.

At its core, Teflon believes that producing authentic reggae music is about being free-minded, collaborating with other artists, and tuning into the groove of the music. Through his soundpack curation, you can explore the genre through Teflon’s relationship with nature, music, people, and the wonderful Jamaican scenery that fuels his inspiration for the soundpack.

With a strong affinity for keeping his production authentic to the origins of reggae, the soundpack has been masterfully produced to showcase the traditional reggae spirit. The ‘Reggae Roots’ soundpack lets the instrumentation take precedence over elaborate production techniques and allows the originality of reggae music to shine.

By working with live musicians, Teflon was able to achieve a balanced collection that pays homage to the great artists that made reggae music what it is today and captures the distinctive groove and natural sway of the genre.

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