Ampify Sounds: Solo Major

In our latest instalment of the Pro Series, ‘Chroma Crush’ delves into a brutal and exhilarating world of digital hardstyle provided by producer Solo Major. 

Currently residing in the vibrant seaside town, Brighton, Solo Major combines experimental electronic production with sugary-sweet pop music and experimental sound design to create playful and maximalist compositions.

His creative practice takes a meticulous approach to music production and blends state-of-the-art audio technology with traditional production techniques. In the studio, his main inspiration comes from combining organic and electronic material and attempting to make music from unusual sources.

Solo is working on producing music and sound design for a variety of visual media as well as collaborating with digital designers and developers to manufacture audio plugins for the next generation of producers and beatmakers.

There is a certain stereotype around electronic music being cold and lifeless but Solo Major is here to show the colourful and warm side with his new pack, using new technology as an expression to highlight never felt before emotions.

“The scope of expression and emotion achievable with this music is infinitely deep” – Solo Major

Chroma Crush brings an addictive collection of heavy beats and big leads and video-game inspired melodics and sound effects. Explore the shimmering world of digital with huge electronic drums, bright catchy leads, and immersive cyber world aesthetic – this soundpack brings a digital world full of surprising and captivating arrangements.

Reality is limited, virtual is limitless.

Chroma Crush available for Launchpad & Ampify Studio

Download Launchpad

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