Ampify Sounds Presents Cataclysm

Ampify Sounds is proud to present its first Special soundpack, Cataclysm, available for free in Launchpad for iOS until Friday 27th March. Cataclysm is truly a soundpack like no other.

For this very special soundpack, we teamed up with expert audio designer, Tom Solace at Puzzle Factory. With fuzzy tones, saturated guitars and electronic elements, these sounds are not for the faint of heart. Watch the video below to hear how it was made.

As Dax Linere from Puzzle Factory Sound Studios mentions, "this isn't like anything else you can get in a soundpack". The Ampify Sounds team were keen not only to do something different, but also to be wildly adventurous.

Each loop and sound has been carefully recorded, edited and sonically sculpted to deliver the incredible audio in a unique package. Best of all, all the elements work fantastically alongside the rest of the diverse Ampify Sounds loop catalogue.

Cataclysm is filled with dystopian beats, ruthless sound design and a whole lot of fuzz, giving it a new and unique edge while still remaining familiar and current.

Combining acoustic instruments and electronic elements has been an exciting experiment for the Ampify Sounds team, and we hope you love it as much as we do.

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