Ampify Sounds: Neeta Sarl

After a year full of chaos and uncertainty, we found time to explore calmness and serenity with Ampify Sounds producer and musician, Neeta Sarl. 

Neeta is passionate about living ‘simply and in harmony’ with nature, collecting samples like puzzle pieces in her music creation. This approach to making music, combined with her deep love for electronic sounds and cultural Indian influence passed down from her father, gives her a unique fusion of genres.

‘Where there is silence there is space for creativity’ Neeta proclaims, as she takes us through the Welsh countryside to gather sounds from dead bark on barren beaches and fallen trees in enchanted forests. Later she runs those samples through Ableton in her home studio.

Neeta’s excitement when making music is to find sounds no one else has used before. This is highlighted in her newest soundpack ‘Organic Whispers’, a first in our Pro Series, which is a treasure trove of foley for electronic music producers.

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* Ampify Studio Premium subscription needed to access to Organic Whispers.