Ampify Sounds: James Orvis

Ampify is proud to present James Orvis as the next artist in the Ampify Sounds series, an exclusive collection of loops and sounds crafted by renowned musicians from around the world.

James is a notable musician who produces mesmerising techno and runs his own label, Balter Records, in Leeds, UK. Get to know James in our new documentary below.

For James, the community aspect of music making — the connection, sharing and engagement with others — is hugely important. The individuals he connects with are not just colleagues, they’re friends making music and memories.

“You’re taking everyone’s personality and everyone’s style and vibe all into one room and meshing it into something that’s completely different.”

James believes that sharing music in any capacity is the most important aspect of all. He is happiest when sharing music and connections with others, “whether that’s sharing it with people that come to the house or sharing it at a gig. It has to have the human interaction, not just sharing it online.”

When making soundpacks for Ampify, James states that he does not just copy a genre. “I try to add my own flavour and vibe to the packs,” so that people get “a little bit of me and a little bit of the genre as well. Making music can be an extension of yourself, and you’re putting your stamp in the world.”

For James, making soundpacks for Ampify has been a learning experience, and that treading out of your comfort zone builds your skills up as a producer.

“Each pack has taught me something new. Even just exploring those sounds and stylistic techniques can really help you develop as a producer […] just to be more open about it, not so closed in and not be so precious about your genre and what you should sound like.”

James’ beliefs about sharing, community and connection are evident in the ethos of Balter Records. He explains a little about the name itself: "Balter means to stumble, or dance without any grace but with full enjoyment. It represents the label parties.”

“Labels to me were always something to me you aspired to be on, not to own yourself, but it clicked one day that I can run my own label, I can pave my own way rather than waiting for someone to open the door for you.”

James Orvis is brought to you by Ampify Sounds. Thanks for reading.