Ampify Sounds: DateNite

We are back with a new Pro-Series soundpack. ‘ Lo-Fi Flute Bliss’ is filled with peace and simplicity, inspired by nature local to producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist; DateNite. 

As a gear enthusiast, DateNite aims to blend analog and digital sounds to create expressive atmospheres through her music. After playing both classical and jazz flute and guitar through her school years, Jessica decided to pursue a degree in performance at The Boston Conservatory.

During her final years of schooling, she was introduced to Ableton and fell in love with electronic production. As a self-taught producer, Jessica enjoys designing her own sounds through various software and hardware instruments. You can find DateNite performing around Greater Los Angeles or breathing life into new tracks in her home studio filled with plants and art.

DateNite stays true to her style and enjoys the use of breath in the flute which creates a type of healing she can only find in nature. Fascinated by combining all the different worlds of music and exploring all the elements helps keep her focused and inspired. But her biggest inspiration for creating is the mountains located close to her studio in LA.

LoFi Flute Bliss blends one-of-a-kind classical flutes with modern effects to create the perfect LoFi soundscapes. We asked California-based artist DateNite to record live sounds and textures and create a unique soundpack. You won’t be able to find these sounds anywhere else.

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