Ampify Artist Takeover: Samantha Togni

The Radical power of sticking to your guts 

Samantha Togni is an internationally renowned DJ, producer and promoter who has headlined in clubs from Tokyo to Milan with an experimental sound that captivates audiences across the globe. Just as her music is radical, Togni’s work to amplify voicesin marginalised communities bears the same approach.

“I really believe that the success of my projects is because I always maintained authenticity in my work and never compromised but stuck to who I am and what I believe in”

Authentic action for real change

Through her various projects, Togni focuses on the art itself as well as promoting the community and making statements about gender and identities. These projects include her visual art, Boudica – a London label and party series exploring the darker side of electronic music platforming women, trans and non-binary folks, and events like Flesh – a UK queer music festival.

“Growing up, it was important to connect my music and art to my upbringing and my journey towards self-discovery both as a person and artist,” says Samantha Togni. “My creative approach is to connect these things from my world beyond art and music and to express them in my work.”

Togni considers now to be a crucial time for big organisations to take real action and create spaces for underrepresented artists and give them prime opportunities so they can be the headliners of the future.

“We complain that there aren’t enough diverse headliners of tomorrow, but if we don’t give them a chance, how can there ever be? Also, there definitely needs to be a push to actively create more opportunities for minority groups to be in positions of decision-making.”

Just as Togni believes that music should carry an important message with it, she wants to carry those same important messages across her platform and use her influence to advocate for emerging LGBTQ+ voices.

"I want to make sure that the spaces I create, both online and physical, are spaces where people can feel represented and able to express themselves freely, be it their gender identity or sexual orientation."

How you can support

For our first Artist Takeover, Samantha masterfully produced three soundpacks for Launchpad, Blocs Wave and Ampify Studio. Combining her Acid Techno, Electro and Breakbeat influences, she showcases brutal industrial drums, squeaky Roland 303 basslines and a chilling collection of mean synth leads.

The purchase of Acid Techno on Launchpad and Break Acid Tech on Blocs Wave will directly aid the LGBTQIA+ community with all proceeds going to Mermaids, a fantastic charity supporting trans children and their families.

You can also check out Samantha Togni's Studio exclusive pack Electro Techno out now!

Download Launchpad

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