Simple. Fun. Works together... anywhere.

Launch is an expanding family of creative performance instruments and apps from Novation. Designed to work together, pairing both beautiful design and integrated functionality, Launch products make music creation more simple and more fun.

Launch control

Combine Launch products.

Everything in the Launch family works brilliantly at what it does. And everything works amazingly together. Take a Launchpad to control your musical grid of loops and samples, and simply add a Launchkey for your keyboard instruments. Connect a Launch Control to instantly adjust filters, effects, and instrument controls. More grid? Just add another Launchpad. It's easy, and allows you - or your friends, or your band - to have more fun.

Launch product setup example

The instruments that do more.

The members of Launch aren't just controllers, or just apps. They do more. Connect Launchkey to the Launchkey app on iPad and immediately play with the powerful sounds, or connect it to your PC or Mac and automatically control your DAW's functions. Combine your iPad with Launchpad S or Launchpad Mini for a computer-free live performance, or connect them to your PC or Mac for intuitive control of Ableton Live and other major DAWs.

The only question is what you want to Launch next.