Launch Your Sound

The grid performance system.

Expand your electronic music making with ground breaking products designed to lift your music production and inspire your performances, freeing you to truly play Live. A combination of beautiful design and integrated music making workflow, they give you hands-on control of Ableton Live and other music software.

Used by Countless Superstars

The grid of choice for the modern professionals

Since Launchpad first arrive in 2009, countless superstars have embraced the Launch range creating incredible performances on youtube or at live festivals and arenas. From Madeon to M4sonic, or the remarkable video displays of SoNevable, the Launch range has changed the face of electronic music making forever.

Launch setup example

Combine Launch Products

Brilliant on their own. Even more brilliant together.

Take a Launchpad S to control your grid of loops and samples. Add a Launchkey for your keyboard instruments. Connect a Launch Control XL and you’ve got total hands-on control over Ableton Live: session view, filters, effects, instruments and more. Want more grid? Just add another Launchpad. It's easy, and allows you - or your friends, or your band - to have even more fun