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Remix and Win

We're giving you YouTube performer come producer types the chance to win a Launchpad Pro.

What do I do?

  • Download Pixelord's 'Rescue Cyber Party' samples below, if you haven't already.
  • Throw them into your favourite DAW and create an awesome remix - it has to be more than one minute long.
  • Grab a camera - you're gunna need one.
  • Grab your favourite controller (or controllers) and create an awesome performance video. *Throw it up on YouTube with #Pixelord in the title.
  • Share a link - along with a few other details - with us via the entry form at the bottom of this page.
  • Do that by the 8th of December 2015.

Who wins?

The winner will be the person who produces our favourite overall performance - so it's got to sound great and look great.

The performance video can take whatever form you want, but it should be a performance rather than a music video. Show off your skills with a keyboard, on the decks, or as a prolific button basher. Go wild. Surprise us.

The Remix should be original, but still obviously a remix. You can therefore use any of your own sounds, samples or techniques, but the winning performance will still have an obvious relation to Rescue Cyber Party. Think 'what would Pixelord do?'.

No 20-minute-long Progressive Avant-Garde journeys into the Musical Universe. Well. Not for this competition.

We'll shortlist five entries here at Novation, but Pixelord himself will have the final say.


A hashtag on YouTube? You don't have to, but it'll make it easier for other people looking for entries. If you want your video to be found, use #Pixelord. If you conscientiously object to hashtags, that's fine too, it won't affect your chance of winning.

Do I have to use a Launchpad? No.

Do I have to use any Novation gear? Nope.

Do I have to use Ableton? You can use anything you want.

Do I actually have to perform my remix in the video? Yes.

What if I don't? You won't win.

Catch Up

Got literally no idea what we're talking about?

Well we recently went to Russia to meet Pixelord, a leader of Moscow’s vibrant electronic music scene. He’s a producer, visual artist and label boss. An icon. He crosses genres and breaks popular conventions, taking musical inspiration from footwork to house and mashing it together with retro computer graphics, Web 1.0 aesthetics and emoji styles. He talks in GIFs. As his moniker suggests, he’s the boss at the end of the level; the 8-bit pixellated nerd king who everyone aspires to beat.

Watch the video here.

Entry is now closed!

Thanks to everyone who entered, check back soon for the winner.