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Our online community is the place for you to connect with us at Novation and other like-minded music makers. Here you can check in on our artist stories, get all the latest news, watch our most recent video releases and explore what we're up to on social media.

Grab A Free Phable 

Circuit Pack

We recently dropped an exclusive Circuit Pack in the Circuit Owners Facebook Group. Head over now and download, 'Deep Machines' by House & Techno titan, Phable.
For the uninitiated, Phable is a vocalist, producer, and DJ from Germany, with deep roots in House & Techno. He has kindly created this 'Deep Machines' Circuit Pack, exclusively for the Circuit Owners Facebook Community.
The pack contains 32 versatile synth patches and 64 of his signature hardware samples and textures. Once downloaded you just need to upload it to your Circuit using Components.

Turn on, tune in, nerd out

Watch Saytek perform live on the Novation Facebook Page on Sunday 3rd September.

UK artist Saytek (AKA Joseph Keevill) has gathered some serious momentum over the last few years and has become one of the electronic music scene’s most in demand live acts.

On Sunday 3rd September at 18:00 PM BST he will be live streaming an exclusive set on the Novation Facebook Page using a myriad of kit including Circuit and Impulse to perform a unique blend of deep techno and tough house grooves.

Can’t watch live?
Don’t worry, we’ll be sharing the recording of his performance, just keep an eye on our Facebook Page.

Launchpad Lightshow 101

To the uninitiated, creating a Launchpad Lightshow can be a confusing and overwhelming task. In this tutorial video, Lightshow genius Kaskobi demonstrates how it's possible to create a complex Launchpad animation using just a handful of Ableton Live's MIDI effects and some imagination.

Want to learn more? Read the full story: "What Is A Lightshow & How Do I Make One?"

Circuit: Sequencing for beginners

Our friend Bo Beats has created this great video for those of you who've been thinking of expanding your Circuit setup but were unsure how. Circuit is much more than just an inspirational groovebox. Using the included MIDI breakout cable, you can use Circuit to sequence and play external hardware, also using Circuits built-in Scale Modes.

Why not add a MiniNova, UltraNova or Bass Station II to your rig?

Chiptune Sounds for Circuit

The classic, lof-fi, arpeggiated sounds synonymous with Chiptune can also be achieved with Circuit groove box, thanks to these free patches created by the appropriately named; 'Modulation Source'.
Chiptune or 8-bit music is a popular form of synthesized electronic music that is generally associated with vintage computer consoles, and arcade machines from the 1980's. 'Modulation Source' has managed to create some very distinctive patches that perfectly capture that retro video-game sound.

You can watch the video and download the patches using the YouTube link above.
Inspired? We'd love to hear any tracks that you create using these patches.
Share them with us on Twitter.

Watch CUCKOO jam with Circuit

We love this improvised Circuit Jam from YouTube Synth tutorial star, Cuckoo. In his perfromance he's utilsing Circuit's MIDI breakout connection to connect an external MIDI controller to play Circuits internal Synths.

Cuckoo has also created a Circuit Sample pack, comprising 32 synth patches, and 64 samples of Teenage Engineering's Pocket Operators. More information on that can be found here.

Circuit Battle Poland

Novation Product Specialist and all round electronic music genius, Chris Calcutt a.k.a –CALC-, recently took a trip to Poland to officiate at the first, Audiotech Circuit Battle.

Held at the 8th edition of the Soundedit International Festival of Music Producers and Sound Designers, amid unique workshops and concerts. Six of Poland’s best Circuiteers took to the stage to flex their Circuit skills, on stage, in front of an audience and every performance was exceptional.

Watch the winning performance above.

The winner, Marcin Pawlukiewicz, studied sound engineering and music production at the Academy of Music in Katowice and The Royal Conservatory of The Hague. His music aims to explore new possibilities in club music production, combining deep and tech house with essences of classical, jazz and world music to create a dynamic and cinematic journey.

Listen to more of his Marcin's music here:

Watch all of the performers here:

Circuit Components: The Journey So Far

Novation’s Senior Product Designer, Dan Clark played an integral role in the creation and evolution of the Circuit Components suite of online tools. He recently wrote a fascinating piece for our ‘Novation Notes’ blog, that offers unique insight into the development process.

This is an essential read for any Circuiteer wanting to know more about the creation of what is now an integral part of Circuits workflow.

Read Circuit Components: The Journey So Far

Circuit Owners Event Amsterdam

We sent product specalist, Chris Calcutt, a.k.a -CALC- to meet up with some fellow Circuiteers during ADE week in Amsterdam. Arranged via the Facebook Group, the Circuit Owners event took place in the home of Circuiteer, Gorkem Gulan and culminated in an improvised live jam that was was live streamed via YouTube.

Watch the live stream above. A total of 5 Circuits (current world record?) can be seen linked and jamming in sequence.

Take The "Circuit Challenge"

The Circuit Owners Facebook Group has spawned an exciting new way of creating music with Circuit.
Members of the Facebook group have began competing in regular “Circuit Challenges”. Each round, introducing new rules and creative restrictions on how Circuit should be used to create a piece of music.

Since August there have been 6 rounds of Circuit Challenge, full details are listed below.
Want to take part? It’s never too late, just head over to Facebook, join the group and submit your entry.

Circuit Challenge Round 1. (Originally posted on 23rd August 2016)
The rules…
1. Create an interesting loop using only the Circuit.
2. Use a maximum length of 4 pads (on the Pattern Page).
3. Automation and sample flip are OK but...
4. Once recorded and/or sequenced, your final loop must be posted on the Facebook group without any real time manual adjustments (i.e. no tweaking low/hi pass filter, no mute/ unmute, etc. Just the loop.)

Circuit Challenge Round 2. (Originally posted on 30th August 2016)
The rules…
1. Use only two Synth parts and one Drum Track .
2. Use one Drum Sample only, with no Sample Flip.
3. Live tweaking and recorded automation is ok
4. Use the Novation Circuit with no external sequencing during playback.
6. Length = "Whatever the groove gods command" (extra style points for performances under 30 seconds.)

Circuit Challenge Round 3. (Originally posted on 6th September 2016)
The rules…
1. Perform in a public place using only the Circuit.
2. Post your video (or photo) on the Circuit Owners Facebook Group.
3. Sound quality not important.
4. Bonus points if you get someone dancing!

Circuit Challenge Round 4. (Originally posted on 13th September 2016)
The rules…
1. Use one or both Synths parts.
2. Use finger drumming only (No sequenced drums. No, not even a crisp little hi-hat metronome!)
3. Keep it short and to the point
4. Use only Circuit.

Circuit Challenge Round 5. (Originally posted on 26th September 2016)
The rules…
1. Write four melodic loops - Two on each Synth part. 2. Post a performance showing each part mixed and matched in different combinations. E.g.;
Synth 1, part 1 + synth 2, part 1,
Synth 1, part 1 + synth 2, part 2,
Synth 1, part 2 + synth 2, part 1,
Synth 1, part 2 + synth 2, part 2.

Circuit Challenge Round 6. (Originally posted on 13th October 2016)
The rules…
1. Post a video or audio track in the Circuit Owners Facebook Group that shows off a custom sample or synth patch you've made or used.
2. Mention the maker of the custom sound in the comments of your post if it isn’t you.
3. The post can be either a song using this custom sound or a demonstration of it.
4. Use only the Circuit.

Huge thanks to Circuiteer and 'Circuit Challege' organiser, Damien Woods for providing this information.

Circuit Components User Guide

Good news for those new to the latest Circuit firmware update: We have created a handy, V1.3 User Guide, available on the Support & Downloads section of the Circuit product page. The guide explains how to update Circuit and talks you through how to use new features such a Sample Flip and advanced automation editing. Everything is explained in detail so you can quickly make the most of these exciting new ways of composing and performing.

You can get the Circuit Components v1.3 User Guide here

Be sure to share your Circuit jams with us on the Circuit Owners Facebook group.

Join us in September

We're sending some of our finest Novation product specialists to some great events in September.
We’d love for you to join us.

We enjoy going to public events because it means that we get to meet you in person, hear your ideas, and teach you new tips and tricks on our gear.
The more you know, the better you'll play.
We look forward to seeing you at these events...

Chicago, IL. // September 9 - 11

Knobcon is a one-of-a-kind synthesizer convention now in it's fourth year. Complete with performances, workshops and vendors, Knobcon allows for a fully immersive experience. Attendees can get their hands on an incredible amount of equipment and talk directly with designers of some of today's most innovative synthesizer products.

Thrival Festival
Pittsburgh, PA. // September 23 - 24

Thrival Innovation + Music Festival is an annual event featuring multiple days of immersive, innovation-focused programming capped by a two-day outdoor live music experience, featuring some of the best emerging national music acts and top-tier headliners.

New York, NY. // September 24

IMSTA FESTA events are a series of one-day music technology celebrations. Their goal is to encourage the legal use of software and to educate the end-users on the negative effects of software piracy. This is done via Professional Panels, Seminars/Workshops and Master classes plus company exhibits.

Sample Flip

We recently released another game-changing update for Circuit groove box. Circuit v1.3 brings some exciting new features to the device, the most exciting being a feature we’re calling ‘Sample Flip’. It’s now possible to change the sample selection per step, rather than per channel. This completely reinvents the way that you’re able to create a track with Circuit and forever changes the way you will work with your custom samples.

Since release, we’ve seen some incredible videos and heard some unruly tracks that are pushing the boundaries of what Circuit is capable of. A current favourite so far is this crazy jam from Wouter van Leeuwen.

Have you got a Sample Flip jam that you’d like to share with us? Send us a link on Facebook or Twitter.

Circuit AMA

Two Novation team members, who played key roles in the creation of Circuit Groove Box, took an hour out of their busy schedule to host a ‘Circuit AMA’ (ask me anything) over on the Circuit Owners Facebook Group.
The Circuit Owners Facebook Group now has well over two thousand members, who were given the rare opportunity to ‘pick the brains’ of electronic music-maker & Novation Product Manager, Olly Burke and Novation Quality Assurance Engineer & Circuit Patch Designer, Danny Nugent.
Members of the Facebook group took the opportunity to share some of their suggestions and feature requests for Circuit, whilst others asked more complex questions about the hardware capabilities of Circuit. You can head over and read the entire conversation now.

There’s lots more planned for the Circuit Owners Facebook Group, sign up here to be kept in the loop.

Got your own suggestions for Circuit? Perhaps, an idea for a new feature that you would like to pass on to our development team? Join the group and let us know.