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My Circuit

My Circuit is the new home for your content. Manage all your sessions, samples and patches in one place with My Circuit. Making it easier to stay in control of your sounds, My Circuit takes over the functions of Sample Import and Librarian. Here’s where you can upload and arrange your samples, back up or recall sessions, and much more.

Circuit Packs

The all-new Circuit Packs format combines a complete library of Sessions, Samples and Patches in a single file, for easy archiving and sharing. A full Circuit Pack is included with v1.4, effectively turning Circuit into a whole new instrument. Circuit Packs are loaded into Circuit via the free Circuit Components Software.


Manage your sessions, move locations, update session colours (yep, you can still do it here too) and back everything up.

Sample Import

Simply drag and drop samples onto Circuit and arrange them how you like to create your own palette of sounds to sculpt, shape, sequence and perform.

You have 60 seconds of space across 64 slots; use it for anything you want. Any MP3 or WAV file will automatically convert into a Circuit friendly sample upon upload.


Manage and save your favourite Synth patches, and have them ready to play and get creating. You still need to use the Editor to edit patches.


Everything now gets saved in our proprietary Circuit Pack Format. Everything on the cloud will be automatically updated to our new format. Any Sysex files saved on your personal storage will be converted when you upload to the components app.


Our new file format makes it easy to share your Circuit Packs. Collaborate with friends or feed the community. No matter how a circuit has been set-up the circuit pack will load up as intended. What do you want to share?

Are you up to date?

You'll always need the latest firmware to make sure you're able to use Components.

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