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Sound Collective - ROLI Studio Player & Drums

Throughout April and May, Sound Collective members can get their hands on a wealth of new synthesis and percussion possibilities by downloading ROLI's new smart production suite, ROLI Studio Player and ROLI Studio Drums for free.

Throughout April and May, Sound Collective members can get their hands on a wealth of new synthesis and percussion possibilities by downloading by downloading ROLI's new smart production suite, ROLI Studio including ROLI Studio Player and ROLI Studio Drums, for free. Available in stand-alone and VST/AU plug-in formats for Mac and PC, these two sibling virtual instruments enable music producers of all experience and ability levels to adapt an array of professionally designed preset synth sounds and drum kits to suit their creative needs.

ROLI Studio Player puts hundreds of larger-than-life basses, pads, leads, FX and much more at your fingertips, all generated using the FXpansion-developed the Strobe 2 and Cypher 2 synthesis engines. Smart browsing helps you find the sound you want in seconds, and every preset offers three predefined macro sliders and an XY pad for taking command of envelopes, filters, tuning and other fundamental parameters. For further shaping and transformation, four effects inserts each draw on a roster of high-quality modules – delays, distortion, reverb, chorus, etc – with two XY pad-controlled parameters apiece.

ROLI Studio Player also includes two flexible MIDI processing tools with which to turn its amazing sounds into harmonic structures and rhythmic sequences. The Smart Chords module lets you effortlessly generate scale-snapped chords from single-note input, in blocked or strummed formation, with individual chord shapes assignable to every degree of the scale. And the Arpeggiator simplifies the creation of complex, evolving sequences with three layered arps running independently of each other at the same time. You can even use the two modules together for impressive one-finger arpeggios; and with the VST plugin outputting MIDI data to the host DAW, capturing your patterns for manual editing in the piano roll is a breeze.

ROLI Studio Drums, meanwhile, is the world’s first desktop MPE drums plugin, serving as a superb source of ready-made sampled and synthesised drum and percussion sounds. 15 preset kits of 16 colour-coded pads each are included, covering a broad range of genres, from techno and EDM to downtempo and trap – but all of ROLI Studio Drums’ kicks, snares, hats, toms, cymbals and other noises can be freely mixed and matched to build your own custom setups. Every pad features three predefined MIDI/MPE-controllable parameter macros for tonal and dynamic tweaking, and the same XY pad-driven audio effects setup as in ROLI Studio Player polishes and glamourises the kit as a whole.

An intuitive, versatile and endlessly rewarding electronic music double-act, ROLI Studio Player and ROLI Studio Drums will transform your existing projects and inspire entire new ones with their sublime sonics and performance-orientated controls.

“Next up for the Sound Collective is a really fun one”, says Sound Collective Product Manager Jonathan Campbell, “as our friends (and local neighbours) ROLI have very kindly offered up versions of their new ROLI Studio Player and ROLI Studio Drums plugins. Both are extremely powerful and versatile instruments that will be able to enhance pretty much any production in most genres.

“What I’ve enjoyed most is the user interface, which really unlocks creativity quickly. ROLI Studio Player best demonstrates this with its Smart Chords feature. For those who aren’t musically trained or are just lacking inspiration, this provides a great way to come up with interesting chord progressions without being too prescriptive. I’m confident you’ll all find many uses for these superb tools.”


Sound Collective members can download ROLI Studio Player and ROLI Studio Drums for free between 9th April and 11th June 2020, using the registration code found in their Novation accounts.

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