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SC x Krotos Simple Concept

Sound Collective - Krotos Audio Simple Concept

Powered by Krotos Audio’s award-winning Concept synthesis engine, August/September’s Sound Collective giveaway is a flexible preset-driven plug-in synth with rich customisation options.

Long renowned for its industry standard series of technologically innovative sample-based virtual instruments for movie, TV and videogame sound design, Krotos Audio released its debut soft synth, Concept, in January 2020, to great acclaim from both press and public. Featuring two dual-waveform oscillators, ten effects modules, a beautifully visualised freeform modulation system, and the clever ’Tweak It’ controlled randomisation system, this thoroughly contemporary analogue-style synthesiser successfully combines approachability and versatility, and sounds superb doing it.

Simple Concept boasts the full Concept engine under the hood, but boils the whole thing down to a library of more than 80 presets, each with its own set of three descriptively named Macro controls for adjusting a particular array of oscillator, filter, FX and modulation parameters. An ADSR envelope allows for amplitude shaping, and certain presets enable the amplitude or pitch of any external sound source to be used as an envelope-following modulation source. The ’Tweak It’ system is onboard, too, randomising pre-selected parameters at the click of a button for limitless variations on each preset; and the Oscilloscope lets you see the results of your edits as you make them.

Far from being merely a ‘demo’ version of Concept, Simple Concept is a powerful instrument in its own right, giving musicians and producers working in all modern genres a quick and easy source of eminently mix-ready sounds. “I’m particularly excited about this one,” comments Sound Collective Product Manager Jonathan Campbell, “as Krotos Audio have created a special one version of their new flagship synth, Concept, for us. They’ve included some amazing preset sounds, ranging from basses to pads and everything in between, and given the GUI a super accessible and easy to use overlay. This means you get access to the key controls and can adjust/automate as normal within your DAW. They’ve also included a cool ’Tweak it’ feature, which allows you practically infinite variations on each patch, so the creative possibilities are endless. The sounds and FX are rich and will fit a number of styles of music – I’m sure you’ll love this one.”

Sound Collective members can download Krotos Audio Simple Concept for free for Mac and PC, and claim their 50% discount on the full Concept (bringing the price down to just £50/$65/€60), from their Novation account between 6th August and 8th October 2020.

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