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Found Sound Electronica

Find Your Sound - Journeys: Electronica

Find Your Sound - Journeys are a series of short films documenting the process of creating original music using sounds we have found across the world with Launchpad.

For the first instalment, we headed out to explore the diverse soundscapes surrounding Lake Como, in Northern Italy. We wanted to create an ambient, downtempo electronica track, and the serene natural environment at the foot of the Alps felt like an ideal space to capture the sounds we needed to make our vision a reality.

“When you leave these noisy, urban environments, and step into the diverse and delicate soundscape of nature it really allows you to connect with sound in a completely different way.”

Watch our journey in the short film and then be sure check out the track in full below. You can then download the Ableton Live session packed full of sounds from the electronica Lake Como recordings, to experiment and create your own music.

Want to know more about Launchpad Mini?

Watch the electronica doc:

“As a producer, it’s hard not to be inspired. These sounds are all around us and they’re diverse. Lo-fi, hi-fi, dynamic and they cover the whole frequency range.”

Watch the electronica performance:

“The key with working with found sounds, is always to be experimenting".

Download Ableton session

The download is approximately 800MB and you will need to make sure you are using Ableton Live Lite 10.1.3 or better. If you don’t have the latest version of Live, you can still download the file and access the .wav’s.