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Steve Octave Eric Turner Ultranova

As Musical Director on US tours for The Dream, Cher Lloyd and Eric Turner, Steve Octave knows what works on stage. Steve prefers to run things off-stage, but often he is required to step in and jump on an instrument, sometimes bass, sometimes keys — he's got the chops so he's more than capable.

On the latest Eric Turner tour, Steve played bass and chose to bring his UltraNova to give him a wider sonic palette. "It's just a great machine. Apart from the fact it's blue [laughs], the fact that you can power it from the USB is amazing, and that's how I used it on Jay Leno. I also love the vocoder, the fact that it has two inputs and it's also very clean-sounding. It has a real analog sound and it's very easy to access sounds and create new ones. Lastly, I love that it has a touch sensitive option for real live edits."