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Matt Masters

Matt Masters, the London-based DJ/Producer taught himself how to mix whilst studying at University for a Science degree in Music in 2001. Realising he had a flair for mixing, he purchased a set of his own decks and began playing monthly at a bar in Camden Town, London. Since then he has gone onto DJ at a large number of venues across the UK and Worldwide, presents his own Radioshow and has appeared on Ministry of Sound, House FM, Push FM and Unknown FM radio stations.

Currently, Matt is having success with his solo release, 'Deep or What', through Pack Up And Dance with Milton Jackson & soul Minority on remix duties which reached number 2 on the Beatport deep house download chart. In addition to this he also has had a digital release of the 'Walk the Walk EP' which includes 'Rolling' and 'Walk the Walk' through Urbantorque Records. This was released in November 07 and getting big support from the likes of Jimpster, Nacho Marco, James Mowbray, Murray Richardson, Mazi, Alex Parsons & Steve Mill to name but a few and also scored 4/ 5 in Mixmag Magazine UK