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We first came across Computer Magic at South by Southwest (SXSW) 2012 in Austin, Texas. Known to her friends as Danz, she stumbled on her talent when she started using Ableton Live. "I didn't purposefully start making music, it just sort of happened," a pretty unusual statement from an artist who caught the eyes and ears of supercool French trendsetters Kitsuné for her debut release. "I actually don't know chords or notes or anything, it's just all by ear," she adds.
Computer Magic Novation ImpulseIn the studio, Danz blends analogue and digital in equal measures. Her laptop runs Ableton Live and shares desk space with a TR909 and various analogue outboard processors. "I generally make everything with the Impulse 61 and Launchpad in Ableton Live first, then everything that's analogue I tend to put in afterwards." 

For the Computer Magic live shows, Danz plays with a full band, comprising drums, guitars and bass, while she sings and plays numerous virtual instruments within Ableton Live. It's here where the Impulse's controls prove most useful. "I use the bank of buttons on the upper left to arm the different sounds I'm playing, and I use the faders to control the levels of my backing synths and the click track that I send to my drummer. I use the Launchpad to jump between different tracks and it's great for looping."

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