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Carmen Rizzo

Carmen Rizzo on Ultranova"I guess I would say I'm a father and a baseball player on the weekends, but how I make a living is as a record producer, musician, recording artist and composer," comments Carmen Rizzo, a two-time Grammy award nominee whose credits include Coldplay, Oakenfold, Alanis Morristte, Niyaz & Jem.

Whether he's on tour or in the confines of his impressively appointed studio in Los Angeles, Carmen is rarely far from a piece of Focusrite or Novation gear. "I tour with the gear and use it in the studio. The stuff always works, period. For my live set, I switch between the UltraNova, X-Station 25 and the 25SLMkII. And now I am bringing my Launchpad out as I am using it more like an instrument. For my audio interface, I travel with the Focusrite Saffire PRO 24 DSP. The zero-latency monitoring in Saffire MixControl is AMAZING!"


Carmen chooses to take Focusrite and Novation gear around the world with him because it stands up to life on the road. "They always work, never crash and sound amazing. And the company actually listens to their users' feedback! Novation have a great team building user-friendly gear; whether you want to get deep into programming or you’re a novice user, there is something for you. I’m attracted to the gear sonically and for the versatility."

And because of this, Carmen's can keep busy doing what he does best: making lots of excellent music. He recently scored a film called Perfect Sister starring Oscar winners Abigail Breslin and Mira Sorvino, due out in the fall of 2012. His band Niyaz just released their third studio album, which debuted at #1 on iTunes World Music Chart. "All of this was accomplished using Novation and Focusrite gear," says Carmen.

As if he hadn't raved about us enough, we asked Carmen to sum up Focusrite and Novation products in three words. Here's what he came up with: "reliability, creativity and trust". Sums it up pretty well we think. Thanks Carmen!

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