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Asobi Seksu Novation UltraNova

Yuki Chikudate is the singer/keys player for New York dream pop band Asobi Seksu. Novation was first recommended to Yuki by a former band member, and now she's hooked. "I use Novation products because of their high quality. I use the Supernova II and the new UltraNova synth."

SuperNova II was Novation's landmark synth in the 1990s, and became a workhorse for countless producers and a permanent fixture in hundreds of studios worldwide, as well as in Yuki's live rig, where it has played a big part of her tours for over 10 years. "The sounds are rich and deep and in my opinion have the best string patches. It doesn't sound cheap. It is truly amazing that the Supernova II specifically allows me to write a unique, compelling live arrangement for all of the band's songs on just one instrument. I feel like an orchestra. I also love the multi-timbral function. It allows me to create amazing dense and unique textures. It allows me to be expressive. The performance mode allows me to create a story arch through sound for every song. It allows me to go crazy! I have so much fun arranging keyboards for live performances. One of my favorite things is the arranging of songs from a new album in performance mode." 

Yuki's love for the SuperNova lead her straight to the UltraNova when it was launched in 2010. "We use the UltraNova as a MIDI controller while recording in Ableton. Feels great to play on and is much higher in quality than other MIDI controllers. I feel like I'm playing an expressive instrument, not a keyboard. The UltraNova is flexible; you can make it your own and it begs to be experimented with. You can push it. It doesn't feel ‘in the box’. 

The UltraNova is an essential part of our band and it has become our signature sound in many ways. It has become an irreplaceable instrument. It has a personality that is distinct yet can be personalized and made your own."

Probably the best praise we could get from Yuki and the Asobi Seksu camp is this: "We used Novation products on every record we've ever made. It is what we use exclusively."

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