ANGO Novation Twitch

ANGO is a man of many talents. Singer, songwriter, DJ, producer, he's carving himself a pretty deep groove that leads from his hometown of Montreal in Canada to the US, Europe and beyond. Collaborations with Katy B, Azealia Banks, Jacques Greene, Lunice and Prison Garde — plus releases on taste-making label LuckyMe — have shown his musical diversity and affirmed his position at the forefront of the new electronic music scene.

ANGO uses the Novation Twitch. "I love it because it's a perfect hub for my live PA, controlling audio and MIDI clips in Ableton. But it's also a ridiculously fun DJ platform that quenches my sampling/remixing/beatmaking urge while DJing with Serato Itch. The types of live sets you could build around its functionality are really exciting and I think you're going to see some really interesting shows popping up because of this piece of gear."

For ANGO, Twitch brings the functionality of multiple pieces of gear into a single, portable format. "Before the Twitch I would daydream about the perfect control centre for my Live PA: Drum machine pads, faders, lots of knobs, integrated sound card, light and portable, lots of audio connection options, versatile." Now, Twitch is all he needs, whether he's recording in hotel rooms on tour, DJing at parties or exploring new musical avenues. ANGO continues, "There just aren't any manufactures making equipment that caters to performing beatmakers and creative DJ's like Novation." (Thanks ANGO!) 

Go ahead and check ANGO out here.