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Automap 4.8
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- Fixes Automap uninstaller crash on Mavericks (Mac)

- Adds support for Logic X

- Adds support for Sonar X2 & Sonar X3


- Updates Impulse OS version to 693:

- Fixes Impulse fader jitter sensitivity issue, manifested by fader values flickering on some units

- Fixes Impulse sending wrong note off message when a zone is transposed up or down

UltraNova 1.3
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- Ultranova Librarian
- Ultranova Editor Plug-in

Updates Firmware to 2.0.0
Updates Ultranova Editor to 1.3
NEW VOCODER! We have updated the Vocoder algorithm to greatly improve its sound and performance. We have also added new features including:

- Separation and spread controls for moving the bands
- Formant freeze
- Adjustable band resonance and decay time
- Runs at full bandwidth

Because this is a major change to how the Vocoder works this release also includes a bank of patches that are designed to work with it. Please be aware that your original Ultranova Vocoder patches will sound different. You can load the new patches via the librarian. The Editor is also updated to support the new Vocoder features.

Using the new Vocoder patches:
1.     Download the Vocoder patches sysex file
2.     Import the sysex file in to the Ultranova Librarian
3.     Use the patch librarian to drag in the new patches to your preferred destination on Ultranova

Known issue:

- Some parameters in the editor do not visually update their value on patch change, even though the value has actually been updated.

Automap 4.7
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- Added Cubase 7 support

- Updated Apple certificate

-Added Mappings for (Windows/OSX):

* Blue Cat (Chorus 4, Flanger 3, FreqAnalyst 2, FreqAnalystMulti 2, Gain 3, Phaser 3, Triple EQ 4)
* Rob Papen (Blade, Punch)
* u-he (Diva, Runciter, Uhbik-A, Uhbik-D, Uhbik-F, Uhbik-G, Uhbik-P, Uhbik-Q, Uhbik-S, Uhbik-T)
* Dmitry Sches (Diversion)
* Fabfilter (Micro, One, Pro-C, Pro-G, Pro-L, Pro-Q, Saturn, Simplon, Timeless 2, Twin 2, Volcano 2)
* AAS (Strum Electric, Ultra Analog)
* Tone Boosters (Barricade, Compressor, DeEsser, Equalizer, EZCompressor, EZQ, Ferox, Gate, HumRemover, Isone, IsoneSurround, Module, OmniSone, ReelBus, Reverb, TimeMachine, XYTool)
UltraNova 1.1.2
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Ultranova 1.1.2

Updated Ultranova firmware to version 1.1.6
Updated Mac driver to version 2.4

Bugfixes since version 1.1:
- Fixed erratic touch sense behaviour
- Fixed Mac 'Grey screen' crash when waking up from sleep mode while a device is connected

Automap Software
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If you wish to use your Ultranova to control your Music software, you can download the latest version of Automap from the Automap downloads page

Sound Banks

UltraNova SoundPacks
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Additonal SoundPacks for the UltraNova can be found HERE.

Please see THIS video for information on installing the SoundPacks.

User Guides

UltraNova User Guide
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NB : Contains English, French and German user guides.

UltraNova Midi implementation chart