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Automap 4.8
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- Fixes Automap uninstaller crash on Mavericks (Mac)

- Adds support for Logic X

- Adds support for Sonar X2 & Sonar X3


- Updates Impulse OS version to 693:

- Fixes Impulse fader jitter sensitivity issue, manifested by fader values flickering on some units

- Fixes Impulse sending wrong note off message when a zone is transposed up or down

Nio 2/4 installer 1.6 (Mac only)
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Fixed audio streaming issues in OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

Max for Live Melodic Step Sequencer
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Added support for Ableton Live 9.


Supported devices:

Launchpad, Launchpad S and Launchpad Mini.


Please unzip the file after downloading.

Launchkey Mini - Script installer for Reason
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This script is only required for Reason software users. Reason software is not included with Launchkey Mini.

MiniNova 1.3
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MiniNova 1.3

This software package includes the latest Novation USB driver, MiniNova editor and MiniNova librarian.


Updates firmware to 1075

Key fixes:

- ARP Latch now functions correctly
- Optimized Sync over USB and MIDI
- Improved Arpeggiator performance
- External Aftertouch input now functions
- MIDI Channel input now functions correctly
- Re-ordered menu for optimal workflow

Other fixes:

- Fixed an issue where the synth would respond to front panel controls when local control is off
- Fixed issues with some NRPN's not sending correctly
- No longer output tempo messages when set to external sync
- Many other bug fixes and performance improvements

Known issues:

- Sync to external source may be unreliable if the MiniNova Editor is open. A work-around is ensure that sync is set to internal when using the editor. Alternately, use standard MIDI

- After running firmware update, restart the Mininova and navigate to Menu->Global->OS Ver and confirm the version is 1075. If this is not the version, please run the updater again

- When using Ableton Live with the MiniNova, MIDI Monitoring should be set to Auto, not IN. If set to IN then on patch change user will be prompted with "Unsaved LosChng?" message.

- In some circumstances, Filter cutoff control can control Tweak 1 parameters

UltraNova 1.3
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Updates Firmware to 2.0.0
Updates Ultranova Editor to 1.3
NEW VOCODER! We have updated the Vocoder algorithm to greatly improve its sound and performance. We have also added new features including:

- Separation and spread controls for moving the bands
- Formant freeze
- Adjustable band resonance and decay time
- Runs at full bandwidth

Because this is a major change to how the Vocoder works this release also includes a bank of patches that are designed to work with it. Please be aware that your original Ultranova Vocoder patches will sound different. You can load the new patches via the librarian. The Editor is also updated to support the new Vocoder features.

Using the new Vocoder patches:
1.     Download the Vocoder patches sysex file
2.     Import the sysex file in to the Ultranova Librarian
3.     Use the patch librarian to drag in the new patches to your preferred destination on Ultranova

Known issue:

- Some parameters in the editor do not visually update their value on patch change, even though the value has actually been updated.

Novation USB 1.1 driver - Version 2.5
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This installer includes the latest version of the Novation USB 1.1 driver for MAC and PC.



- Added MiniNova Support.
- Recalibrated ASIO latencies for UltraNova and Twitch.
- Improved control panel user interface.
- Added Launchpad S Support.

NOTE: Launchpad S is a class compliant device and so does not require a driver for standard use, however if you wish to use Launchpad S with more than one Windows application at a time the driver will need to be installed.



Compatible with Mac OS 10.7/10.8


- Fixes an issue which affected the signal quality when soft monitoring inputs on Mountain Lion.
- Fixes audio dropout issue on USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports.
- Fixed issue with distortion and artefacts on input stream on Lion/Mountain Lion

Automap 4.7
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- Added Cubase 7 support

- Updated Apple certificate

-Added Mappings for (Windows/OSX):

* Blue Cat (Chorus 4, Flanger 3, FreqAnalyst 2, FreqAnalystMulti 2, Gain 3, Phaser 3, Triple EQ 4)
* Rob Papen (Blade, Punch)
* u-he (Diva, Runciter, Uhbik-A, Uhbik-D, Uhbik-F, Uhbik-G, Uhbik-P, Uhbik-Q, Uhbik-S, Uhbik-T)
* Dmitry Sches (Diversion)
* Fabfilter (Micro, One, Pro-C, Pro-G, Pro-L, Pro-Q, Saturn, Simplon, Timeless 2, Twin 2, Volcano 2)
* AAS (Strum Electric, Ultra Analog)
* Tone Boosters (Barricade, Compressor, DeEsser, Equalizer, EZCompressor, EZQ, Ferox, Gate, HumRemover, Isone, IsoneSurround, Module, OmniSone, ReelBus, Reverb, TimeMachine, XYTool)
Bass Station 2.0
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BassStation 2.0

New features:
- Novation Launchkey mapping
- 64-Bit plug-in types
- Multi plug-in type installer
- New authorization procedure

This version is compatible with the following:
- OSX 10.7
- OSX 10.8
- Windows 7
- Windows 8

This version of BassStation includes/introduces the following plug-in formats:
- VST 2.4 (x86/x64)
- AU (x86/x64)

V-Station 2.2
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V-Station 2.2

New features:
- Novation Launchkey mapping

This version is compatible with the following:
- OSX 10.7
- OSX 10.8
- Windows 7
- Windows 8

This version of V-Station includes the following plug-in formats:
- VST 2.4 (x86/x64)
- VST 3 (x86/x64)
- AU (x86/x64)
- RTAS (x86)

Launchkey - Script Installer for Reason
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Please install the following scripts if you would like to use your LaunchKey with Reason. The scripts allow the LaunchKey to control Reason with no further setup required. Please consult the LaunchKey Reason Control Guide below for detailed mapping info.

Reason software is not included with the Launchkey.

Nio 2/4 Installer 1.5
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- OSX Mountain Lion compatibility
- Fixed glitches on input stream

Known Issues:

- On USB3.0 ports, using nioFxRack causes the audio signal to become distorted. A workaround is to connect the nio via a powered USB2.0 hub



- Adds Windows 8 compatibility

V-Station 2.0
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This version is compatible with:

  • OS 10.6/10.7/10.8
  • Windows XP/7

This version includes the following Plug-In formats:

  • VST2.4 (32 and 64-bit)
  • VST3 (32 and 64-bit)
  • AU (32 and 64-bit)
  • RTAS (32 and 64-bit)

New Features:

  • Mountain Lion Compatible
  • 64-Bit Plug-In types
  • RTAS
  • VST3
  • Multi Plug-In type installer
  • New authorization procedure

Known Issues:

  • Host presets not available for VST3
  • Changing patches in Ableton Live with Automation ‘Configure’ enabled may result in additional parameters being added to automatable parameters
  • Some users may experience intermittent noise when changing preset in RTAS Plug-In
Nio 2/4 Installer 1.4
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This version installs the nio driver along with nioFxRack Standalone. 
It does not install the VST/AU versions of nioFxRack. 
Please note that if you wish to use the nioFxRack VST/AU versions it is advised that you install the previous release (1.3) first.

This update applies to Mac OSX only.


1) Adds OSX Lion Compatibility
2) Fixed issue with MIDI I/O on OSX Lion
3) Fixed issue with buffer audio stream in nioFxRack Standalone

UltraNova 1.1.2
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Ultranova 1.1.2

Updated Ultranova firmware to version 1.1.6
Updated Mac driver to version 2.4

Bugfixes since version 1.1:
- Fixed erratic touch sense behaviour
- Fixed Mac 'Grey screen' crash when waking up from sleep mode while a device is connected