Automap for iPhone

Automap for iPhone / iPod touch

Automap for iPhone

What is it?

Automap is a piece of software which enables Novation keyboards and controllers to communicate with music-making software.

This is now available as an app for iPhone and iPod Touch. It gives you an almost unlimited number of controls including faders, buttons and crossfaders.

Being an iPhone/iPod Touch app, it is totally remote controlled, so you can control levels and other things in your software, from a distance.

How can it be used?

Imagine the possibilities for performing - leave the stage or DJ booth and continue to mix or add FX.

Recording - you can alter monitor mixes from the drum stool, or set your software recording or looping without having to return to your computer.

Automap in the palm of your hand

All the features that make Automap the industry's most powerful control software are now available for your iPhone iPod Touch.

Automap became know for its ability to instantly take control of plug-in instruments and FX. This is the same with Automap iPhone/iPod Touch.

Simply click on a parameter in your music software, touch a control on your iPhone/iPod Touch, and its instantly assigned.

Almost all major plug-in instruments and FX automatically map to the controls on your iPhone/iPod Touch as soon as you load them up.

How many controls are there?

Automap for iPhone/iPod Touch provides two horizontal faders and eight buttons per page, displayed on a single iPhone / iPod touch screen. However, the number of pages so the number of controls is completely unlimited!