Novation SL Mark II

Key Features

Novation SL Mark II Velocity Sensitive Controls

High quality professional keyboard

Velocity-sensitive, semi-weighted action keyboard with assignable after-touch. Italian made keyboard mechanism plays like a musical instrument rather than a computer accessory

SL Mark II Illuminated Controls 

Illuminated controls provide instant visual feedback

Brightly lit LED rings around the eight smooth encoders, and backlit buttons provide instant visual feedback


giant LED screens


Giant 144-character LCD screen

Long LCD screen is large enough to show the name and value of entire rows of knobs, faders or buttons, instantly displaying what each control is assigned to

Touch Sensitive Controls 

Huge array of touch-sensitive controls

Touch any knob or fader and all information (name and value of whatever it is controlling) will appear on the LCD screen above it

Automap 4 

Automap 4 control software

SL MkII comes with Automap software which enables you to instantly map software parameters to faders, buttons, knobs (encoders and pots) and other controllers. Find out more about Automap here

 SL Mark II Sensitivity


SL MkII can be USB powered, with expression and sustain pedal inputs as well as MIDI in and out ports for connecting external MIDI instruments