Novation Bass Station II

Introducing Bass Station II

Bass Station II is an analogue mono-synth based on the classic original Bass Station but re-worked for the 21st century. It has two filters, two oscillators plus a third sub-oscillator, patch save and a fully analog effects section. Add a step sequencer, arpeggiator, full sized keys and a powerful modulation section and you have the makings of a synth that is built for bass, but capable of so much more.

Bass Station II marks Novation's 21st birthday - find out more about Novation's early synths and how the technology evolved over 20 years

Hear Bass Station II in action

Paul Hartnoll, Orbital and the Bass Station II

Bass Station II Reviews

"Bass Station II is an exceptional synth. For £399 you could buy a couple of high-end synth plug-ins. Don't. Buy this instead. 10/10."

- Andy Jones, MusicTech, October 2013

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"The Bass Station II is a synth with personality that produces ripping, gnashy solos as readily as solid analogue bass. I reckon Novation have a winner!"

- Paul Nagle, Sound On Sound, September 2013

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"...this synth is an absolute must buy: If there is one mid-range synth that you have been holding out on for this price point, I would recommend giving the Novation Bass Station II a deep look. There isn’t a single parameter or value on the synth that users won’t eventually use time and time again. Thank you for continuing the Bass Station legacy, Novation."

- Gabriel Lamorie, SonicScoop, October 2013

What is it?

Bass Station II is an analog mono-synth with a talent for bass, but a sound-engine that is versatile enough to kick out sharp leads and crisp arpeggios. It brings the best elements of the original Bass Station into a brand new design with re-worked modulation, effects, filters and more; like the Bass Station, but a much much bigger sound. The signal path is pure analog - including the effects section. The hardware has been laid out in modules with dedicated pots, switches, sliders and buttons for all major parameters. Critically, you can store and recall patches on Bass Station II. It comes with 64 killer factory presets, space for 64 of your own sounds on the hardware, and you can store more on your computer.

The key-mech consists of 25 full sized keys that are velocity sensitive with assignable aftertouch. It has been developed as a ‘synth-action’ keyboard, where each key is individually sprung so it is light to the touch and highly responsive to the synth engine. Bass Station II is a fully class compliant MIDI device with MIDI I/O on 5 pin din ports – for connecting to other MIDI outboard – and with your computer over USB. You can even connect an external instrument and run it through Bass Station II's analog filter and effects.

Bass Station II Producer Series Vol.1 Soundpack

A collection of unique analogue sound patches created for Novation by world class synth producers from our eclectic artist and producer community. Whether you’re creating dance, funk, electronica, indie, pop or something totally experimental, these 46 Patches will add true analogue depth to your music. You will need to download and install the librarian to import the patches.

Download librarian and patches for Windows

Download librarian and patches for Mac