Your name on a Launchpad... As simple as ABC

Fri, 2012-04-27 00:00

Disco Fries LaunchpadThere aren't many DJ/production duos that make their own software, but when you get to know them, Disco Fries aren't your average partnership. The pair, known as Nick and Danny to their friends, attended the well respected Berklee College of Music in Boston and forged a signature sound that would see them attract the attention of an assortment of pop music giants. In their short career, they've remixed Flo Rida, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Usher, Pitbull, Chris Brown and Steve Aoki. Their remix of Far East Movement's 'Like a G6' was viewed 1.5 million times on YouTube… you get the picture. 

But when they're not in the studio working on the the next top 40 smasher, they're on the road, tearing up nightclubs as a DJ duo across the United States and beyond — as far afield as China! 

But the Disco Fries don't do things by halves; as a party piece to set their show apart, they wrote a special Max For Live patch for their Novation Launchpad that turns it into a mobile scrolling display board. Könversate lets you type in whatever message you like to be displayed on the Launchpad, with options for colour and scroll speed, plus sync options and a flash feature! 



Here's a link to the application: Click here. Thank you Disco Fries!

Konversate Launchpad

(Note, this application is a patch for Max For Live and was not designed by Novation.)