Novation team up with RM64

Thu, 2010-01-07 00:00

SL MkII controllers empower RM64 artists

Novation are proud to announce their involvement with the RM 64 Artists Record project, which follows the career course of seven uniquely different but exceptionally talented young bands. Each act has embarked on a creative journey that will be digitally self-documented by them and made available on the RM 64 Artists Record blog for the world to see, hear and comment upon.

949275458_RM64.jpgAt you’ll follow L.A.-based duo All Wrong & The Plans Change, Austin’s folk/rock band The Eastern Sea, Salt Lake City rockers The Devil Whale, NYC-based pop artists The Narrative, Midwest Upbeat electro-pop-punkers Sweatshirt Weather, Atlanta’s own raw The 54, and singer/songwriter/guitar shredder Bud Carroll, who will all tell their day-to-day stories in their own words and videos.

The RM 64 Artists Record project also brings music and technology together as never before. The artists digitally chronicle not only their personal touring and gigging experiences but also show how fundamentally intertwined technology is with creativity today. All seven of the acts have been equipped with Novation SL MkII controller keyboards, along with technology from other music technology developers, which they will incorporate into their art, productions and workflow.

For the first time, all the right elements — real musicians, music industry veterans with proven track records of picking hits, and technology from leading developers — have been put together to show what it’s really like on the road, in the studio, on stage and everywhere in between. The RM 64 Artists Record project chronicles these compelling stories of musicians on a mission to both explore and define the Brave New World of music as a business and as an art in the 21st century.