Novation NAMM 2012 Artist Takeover

Tue, 2012-01-17 00:00

Gear Showcase at NAMM Show & Event

Novation artists are hitting the 2012 NAMM show with a bang, with gear showcases from three artists on the show-floor demo stage.


San Fransisco-based DJ/producer/vocalist Ill-Esha will be performing with Twitch, the Touchstrip Controller, using its external mic inputs and one-to-one effects control inside Serato ITCH to blend her vocals and dubstep-infused beats.




Controllerist supremo Moldover will also be using Twitch as a controller, this time with Ableton Live and a host of custom-designed Max patches, which transform Twitch from a dedicated DJ platform into a powerful and versatile music controller.




Adriano Clemente

Also on the Novation line-up is Adriano Clemente, who uses Ableton Live and Max For Live alongside multiple Launchpads to create an interactive music-making experience. Adriano will also be implementing Novation's UltraNova synthesizer into his performances to provide additional sound sources, but also to take advantage of its unique touch features. The full schedule for artist performances will be posted on the Novation booth at the Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, California (booth #6464).


Also during NAMM week, Novation are sponsoring an event with the music-making community, featuring a performance from NYC-based Mike Slott on the Launchpad.

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