Launchpads take centre stage at NY installation

Wed, 2011-10-26 00:00

Interactive Ableton Live Installation debuts during AES weekend...

Ableton Certified Trainer, sound designer and musician Adriano Clemente will be debuting an interactive sound installation during the 131st AES Convention in New York. Featuring eight Novation Lauchpads and two computers each running Ableton Live 8 and Max For Live, his installation demonstrates numerous creative uses of these powerful audio production tools. Adriano explains the system: “I'm using two computers running Ableton Live 8, synced via a WiFi network, so I can control eight Launchpads simultaneously. My system uses native features of Live, such as follow actions and Max4Live patches for step sequencing, instrument performance and real-time loop manipulation.”
 Launchpad Installation
“I think that the Launchpad's ability to put Live's interface under your fingers with visual-LED feedback is fun and powerful”, says Adriano. “My installation takes advantage of the LEDs to recreate an environment similar to a gallery exhibition. The paintings are made by light and sound, and the frames are the Launchpads themselves: some of them are used to play sound atmospheres, others to sculpt in real time improvised rhythmical parts.”
Although there are numerous controllers that could perform a similar role, Adriano chose Launchpad because of its simplicity and ease of use. “As a Sound Designer I'm constantly looking for new and intuitive ways to create, edit, and perform my music. When Ableton asked me to create something for AES in NYC, I immediately thought about the Launchpad. It's been part of my studio setup since it hit the market. At Devotion Gallery, along with Ableton Certified Trainer Brian Jackson, I teach Ableton Live 8 classes, and the Launchpad is the controller that we use to immerse the student in Session View from the very first day of class. Once we did an experiment using 6 of them, which is also the maximum number of control surfaces you can use in Live. Now it's the time to try something bigger.”