Launchpad Runs Crowd-sourced Jam

Wed, 2011-08-17 00:00

Master controllerist Tim Exile has launched a new online stage, where he will take crowd-sourced sounds from people over the world and turn them into music, live on the web.

Tim Exile's Online Jam StageAt the heart of Tim's control system is the Novation Launchpad, among other specially selected pieces of equipment. Sounds are submitted through Soundcloud, then piped automatically to his Reaktor rig, where Launchpad displays the sounds on its 64-button grid. Tim explains further, "there's a special script that pulls down sounds, tops and tails them and assigns them to the Launchpad." Once he has selected and triggered the sound from his launchpad, Tim manipulates the sounds using various other keyboards and controllers.

Tim explains why he chose Launchpad to control his system. "Launchpad allows me to colour-code functions for the buttons. When a new sound is coming in, the pad goes red, when its selected, it flashes yellow; that's a really important thing. Also, the fact that you have 64 buttons and you can design your own interface is great, and it's good value for money, too."

To watch or take part in the Online Jam Stage, head to You can submit sounds at any time. The first live jam takes place on Thursday 18th August at 20:00 BST (UK).