Ableton & Novation announce new SL Mk II integration

Thu, 2010-03-25 00:00

Novation controllers now fully integrated with Live 8

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Having co-developed the Launchpad, Ableton have worked with Novation to make the Novation SL MkII range fully integrated with Live 8. Now, SL MkIIs are the most comprehensive bus-powered Ableton Live 8 controllers on the market, and the only ones with on-board keyboards. The new integration makes controlling Ableton's Session view, Mixer and plug-ins and devices quick and easy, because all of Ableton's major controls are instantly assigned to SL Mk II's 56 knobs, faders and buttons:

• Live's plug-in devices are assigned to controls as you load them up. Open 'Auto Filter', for example, and instantly see parameters such as 'Cutoff' and 'Res' — along with their current values — appear on the LCD above each knob on the SL MkII, with LED rings around each rotary encoder. 

• Comprehensive mixer control. Touch a fader on the SL MkII and see the channel name and volume level on the large LCD; activate and record-enable Ableton tracks using the fader's corresponding backlit buttons, and take control of all Sends. 

• Launch clips and scenes. Launch and view the status of Ableton scenes and clips with the SL MkII's backlit buttons. Real-time LED feedback ensures you always know what's playing and what's waiting to be launched. 

25-, 49- and 61-note variants of the SL MkII are available alongside the compact, keyless Zero SL MkII. All products in the range are USB-powered, so they require no external power supply. This makes the SL MkII the most versatile Ableton controller solution available, whether on stage or in the studio. To take advantage of the new functionality, the latest version of Novation Automap is required to update the SL MkII firmware. This is free for all existing SL MkII users and is available now from The latest Live 8 update is also required, and will be downloadable from

Download the Automap software here

97323967_NovationIcon30x30.gif Watch the video