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Launchpad Pro at MusikMesse 2015

Our Brand Ambassador Thavius Beck recently took a trip to Frankfurt to give MusikMesse 2015 a sneak peek at Launchpad Pro.

Free - Isotonik Studios LaunchSync

Users of the Launch Control XL and the Launchpad range should check out this great Max4Live application created by Isotonik Studios. LaunchSync allows you to explore new functionality within Ableton Live and create some solid live performance configurations. Get it here.

Performance - Graham Dunning's Mechanical Techno

Artist and Musician Graham Dunning has a unique and inspiring live performance setup.

In his 'Mechanical Techno' rig, Dunning uses several customised records spinning precariously on the same turntable. Each record is used to provide a different sonic element in his performance.

What do you think of his setup? Tweet us at @WeAreNovation.