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Synth Night

We recently held a small private event in London to celebrate synthesisers. Our engineers and specialists brought an array of their favourite analogue synths and modular systems for guests to experiment with. We had a live performance from synth/programming expert Matt Robertson and a Q&A with Finders Keepers Records about their 'synth heroes'.

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Happy Birthday, Launchpad!

We asked you to share with us video slices of yourself wishing Launchpad a happy 5th birthday. We then compiled them into this rather wonderful community project.
This was possibly one of the most fun things we've ever had the pleasure of putting together; we truly hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

5 Years of Launchpad Celebration | #LP5

January saw us celebrate 5 years of the iconic grid controller by opening the floodgates and inviting you to share your favourite Launchpad content. We even made it easier for you to pick the bits you wanted to share by specifying 5 categories covering all manner of Launchpad goodness.

Over the course of a week, we diligently watched all of your contributions and shortlisted the 5 best per category. You then had 5 days (have you noticed the trend yet?) to vote for your favourite per category.

The winners (found on the page linked below) for each category will receive 1 of 5 very special limited edition Launchpads, being made specifically for Launchpad's 5th birthday. We'll be sure to post picks up on our Social when they're ready!

And it wasn't just the winning content creators that walked away with goodies. We also gave away swag bundles to random content contributing users each day of the celebration, as well as even giving away a Launchpad S Control Pack!

A huge thanks again to everyone who took part.

Check out the winners!

Beat This x Novation | Live Sessions at ADE 2014

We collaborated with out at ADE this year to produce a special series of live Beat This sessions. Invited artists came along to our gallery space (adorned with some rather nice photography and artwork supplied by Ninja Tune and Bleep) and did as much damage as they could in 10 minutes on an all Novation-set-up. Watch below to see how they got on, or click here to see more Beat This sessions.

Yosi Horikawa: Live with Launch Control XL

It’s clear that Yosi Horikawa is not only obsessed with music, but sound itself. The Japanese producer is known for his worldwide trips collecting sounds and samples from all manner of things, and incorporating them into his compositions to wondrous effect.

We recently enjoyed this live-set Yosi put together for RBMA Tokyo 2014. We highly recommend you check it out.

Bass Station II 'Essential' to Rudimental

We were pretty thrilled to see Bass Station II featured in Hypebeast's 'Essentials' list for Amir Amor of Rudimental. If you haven't yet, check out our in-depth talk with Rudimental about their gear here.

See all of Amir Amor's Essentials

Dorian Concept Trio at Red Bull Studios in Paris

The incredible Dorian Concept (the hero from our Mininova video) has teamed up with Cid Rim and the cloniOUs to create a new live show on both acoustic and MIDI instruments.

Red Bull did a short interview with Dorian Concept to ask why he's transitioned from his previous, synth-solo based music, to a more traditional trio format.
Check out what he had to say...

[Free] Online Masterclass with Thavius Beck & Guitar Center

Join us as electronic musician and Ableton expert Thavius Beck performs a track and then walks you through the basics of how the music was created using the Novation Audiohub 2×4, Bass Station II, Launchpad S, Mininova and other Novation hardware with Ableton Live software.

Check out the Masterclass

[Free] Bass Station II - Producer Series Vol. I Soundpack

Explore your analogue sound with 46 new free Bass Station II patches, made by world class synth producers. Just download our new Bass Station II Librarian tool to install them and get music-making!

Download the Soundpack