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'PolyPin' by Isotonik Studios.

‘PolyPin’ is a Polyrhythmic Performance Sequencer developed by the team at Isotonik Studios. Inspired by old school Pinball games, PolyPin offers a fun way of creating random chance-based beats through the use of it's specially developed sequencers that range from Euclidean for polyrhythmic style variation to Classic for retro 16-step sequencing.

You can purchase PolyPin here. 

Saytek: Live Performance Masterclass

Saytek is renowned for his improvised live performances filled with house and techno tunes made on the fly. In this masterclass with Point Blank Music School he gives a detailed look at his live setup, explains how he performs and the roles that each item functions in his gear laden setup.

Watch here.

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Watch: The making of '48 Hour Mixtape' with Murkage Dave.

Made in collaboration with Noisey, and Pepsi Max and directed by Mike Skinner of The Streets. This mini documentary follows Murkage Dave on a musical journey through Manchester as he attempts to make a 7 track mixtape of original material in just 48 hours.

Featuring collaborations with many key players in the Manchester scene including T-Man from levelz, Hypes and Hey Gamal and culminating in an official unveiling at a house party. We think that this project perfectly captures the excitement and spontaneity that can come when collaborating with others.

Listen to the full mixtape here.

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Visual Piano - Instrument for the Synthesis of Moving Images.

Described as; "a visual instrument for realtime synthesis of abstract shapes, colours and movement" see how artist Kurt Laurenz Theinert and interaction designer Philipp Rahlenbeck are using a customised SL MkII to produce real-time MIDI generated visuals.

Watch: Studio Science - Julio Bashmore.

Arguably one of the UK's most influential House music producers, Matt Walker from Bristol AKA Julio Bashmore shares some of his signature production tips and tricks with the Red Bull Music Academy team.

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Read: 45 production secrets from the pros.

Some of the worlds most influential and successful artists, producers and DJs have offered invaluable advice on how to improve your workflow and create more professional sounding tracks.

In this comprehensive list compiled by Music Radar, artists including, Seth Troxler, Bonobo, Skrillex, Kasket (pictured) and Avicii share their own tips and tricks that you are sure to find helpful.

Read the article here.

Watch: Battles "The Art of Repetition."

Ableton recently shared a mini documentary that offers a glimpse into the creative process of Warp records, indie rock trio Battles.

Filmed during the recording of their new album “La Di Da Di”, this documentary gives a rare opportunity to discover more about the bands dynamics, equipment set up and composition methods.

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Free: Max for Live ‘Scrubberdevice.

Philadelphia based music producer Evan Bogunia aka dataf1ow has created a free Max For Live plugin that exploits the new ‘Scrub’ API call implemented in Ableton Live 9.2.

Designed for Launchpad and Push, the ‘eb.Scrubber device’ dynamically grabs the playing clip in the assigned tracks and divides it up into 16 sections, allowing you to randomly move the playhead position within the selected audio and MIDI clips whilst remaining in sync.

This is an interesting tool for live performance and offers a new way of recycling and personalising audio samples.

See it in action below and download it here.

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Free: '64 Pad Lab' finger drumming pack by Mad Zach

Electronic music producer and finger drumming extraordinaire Mad Zach has teamed up with Ableton Live to deliver a free collection of Drum Racks designed for 64 pad devices like Launchpad.

The Drum racks contain a variety of sounds from vocal stabs, bass hits, drums, leads, atmospheric elements, risers and breakdowns, perfectly suited to a variety of bass-centric electronic music.

So what are you waiting for? Get drumming.

Download it here. Share your creations with us via Instagram: WeAreNovation

Inside Novation: An Interview with Olly Burke.

In this rare interview, the team at Ask Audio Magazine sit down with Novation's own Olly Burke, to discuss Launchpad Pro, from concept to completion.

As Product Manager, Olly has been key in the evolution of the Launchpad range and shares unique insight on how these products were conceived, how they have developed and the thought processes that resulted in the new features of Launchpad Pro.

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Watch: Utrecht - The Real Dutch House Underground

The team at FACT Magazine recently sent Unknown to the Unknown's DJ Haus to the Dutch City of Utrecht to report on the regions burgeoning underground party scene.

Describing it as; "a familiar sound but a totally brand new vibe!" DJ Haus speaks with key members of the Utrecht community to discover what makes their scene so unique.

Watch here

20 ways to beat writer's block and start a new track.

The next time you are sat at your keys wondering where to start, why not try these interesting suggestions from the team at Computer Music Magazine.

They have 20 ideas to help you get started If you are short on ideas or looking for a new creative direction. From creating a soundtrack to a non existent film to drawing inspiration from politics and the world around you. We think their guide is an interesting way of generating fresh inspiration.

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Crowd-sourced coastal sounds.

The National Trust, National Trust for Scotland and the British Library have teamed up to create a sound map of the UK’s 10,800 mile coastline, from beaches and ports to cliffs and seaside towns.

If you are in the UK you can get involved by recording sounds at the coast and uploading them to their audioBoom page. Sounds can be up to five minutes in length and accompanied by words and images. These will later be hosted on the British Library website and added to its Sound Archive for future generations to enjoy.

These sounds could also be used creatively within a piece of music. English 'new wave' pioneer Martyn Ware of The Human League and Heaven 17 (above) has confirmed that he will be making a piece of music using sounds sourced from this project.

Want to get involved? You can find out more on the National Trust Website.

Listen: Awesome tapes from Africa.

Are you stuck in a creative rut? Need fresh new inspiration? Awesome Tapes From Africa is an inspirational collection of tape saturated, musical obscurities sourced from various regions of Africa.

These tracks will surely give you some new creative direction.

Delve in download and be inspired, just make sure that you share any new musical creations with us

Check it out here:

Watch: Relative EQing using Max for Live.

Having difficulty mixing that new song? The team over at Point Blank electronic music school in London have developed an interesting way of creating a 'relative EQ' tool using Ableton's Max for Live, this is sure to help you get multiple elements working harmoniously in your track with ease.

Learn how it works here:

Listen: The Second Summer Of Love Mixes

On April 30th, 2015 we teamed up with dublab to host an event for the Britweek celebrations. The Second Summer of Love event took place at the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles and was dedicated to the rise of Acid House in the UK during 1988 and ’89.

dublab DJs Jimi Hey, Daddy Differently, Lovefingers and Heidi Lawden played classic songs from this period and paid tribute to some of the influential clubs from this era: Shoom, Trip and The Haçienda.

You can listen to their sets here:

Jimi Hey

Daddy Differently

Lovefingers and Heidi Lawden

Watch: Launchpad Pro at MusikMesse 2015.

Our Brand Ambassador Thavius Beck recently took a trip to Frankfurt to give MusikMesse 2015 a sneak peek at Launchpad Pro.

Free: Isotonik Studios LaunchSync.

Users of the Launch Control XL and the Launchpad range should check out this useful Max for Live application created by Isotonik Studios. LaunchSync allows you to explore new functionality within Ableton Live and create some solid live performance configurations. Get it here.

Watch: Graham Dunning's Mechanical Techno.

Artist and Musician Graham Dunning has a unique and inspiring live performance setup.

In his 'Mechanical Techno' rig, Dunning uses several customised records spinning precariously on the same turntable. Each record is used to provide a different sonic element in his performance.

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