How to get started with Dicer and Serato Scratch Live 2.1

The Scratch Live 2.1 Official Release, (required for 'plug and
play' integration of Dicer), is now available via the

In order to download the software, you must already be registered,
with a username, password and profile.

If you are not yet registered with Serato, you will need to create a username and password. You will then receive (can take
up to 20 minutes), and be required to enter, a verification code .

With this completed, you can now go directly to the forum post where you will be required to create a profile.

With the profile completed, you will now have access to the public
release thread and associated software and information.

Finally, we recommend that all users intending to take advantage of
the Scratch Live 2.1 Official Release, read all the additional information Serato provide.